The Wealthy saw their Incomes Rise 18.5% in 2021. The Bottom 90% of Americans saw a Drop

It’s the same old story. The 1 percent are plundering our country. Income inequality in America is the worst it’s ever been for country. And it’s one of the worst in the Western world, if not on the planet.

Source: Truthout:

New data shows that the gap between the top wealthiest Americans and the working class reached new heights last year as multimillionaires in the top 1 percent experienced the highest wage raises in real, inflation-adjusted dollars while the wages of the bottom 90 percent fell.

In 2021, the top 1 percent of earners saw their annual wages rise by 9.4 percent. The raise for the wealthiest of the 1 percent was even higher, with the top 0.1 percent’s wages rising by 18.5 percent.

This stands in stark contrast to the wage trend for the bottom 90 percent, who received a 0.2 percent pay cut in 2021 in real wages. This allowed the top 1 percent to seize nearly 15 percent of all wages last year — and, in fact, the top 1 percent was the only group that saw its wages rise in 2021. Meanwhile, the bottom 90 percent saw its share of wages sink to a record low of 58.6 percent.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that Americans are dying at third world levels:

And this is isn’t about the pandemic. Income inequality has been on the rise for decades. It’s an inherent part of the system. It’s a natural consequence of a two-party system that is owned by the 1 percent.

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