“Thank you for your service: You’re fired”

This is how our troops are being treated. The politicians love the troops before they send to war. But when they come home, our servicemen and women are discarded.

Not all veterans who have served this country have been served well in return. Many come home to their families injured and traumatized from witnessing the unimaginable. Still, many desire to continue serving by taking jobs in the federal government.

But a troubling trend is emerging for veterans in the federal workforce who seek mental health services to manage the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder: Federal managers encourage our veterans to seek mental health services but then suspend security clearance, move them to administrative roles, label them unfit for duty, or fire them outright.

The Hill, opinion piece

Poll: A Majority of Americans will not Vote for Either Trump, Biden, or DeSantis in 2024

Another election another lesser of two evils vote. Americans are fed up with the two-party system and reject the lack of choices in candidates forced on them by Democrats and Republicans:

  • “46% will definitely not and 8% will probably not vote for the former president.”
  • “between 44% and 46% of registered voters say they will definitely not vote for Biden, and between 7% and 8% say they will probably not vote for him.”
  • “Among registered voters, 41% say they will definitely rule DeSantis out and 11% will probably not vote for him.”

Restaurant gives Black customer receipt with the N-word printed on it

The owners then go ahead and blame the victim, although they made poor attempt to apologize. The individual involved was not fired:

A restaurant in Pennsylvania is facing outrage after an employee printed the N-word in a receipt and handed it to a customer, KELO-TV reported.

The customer, who is identified only as “Kassie,” said that the restaurant immediately went “silent” when she walked in to pick up her food, claiming it was due to her being a Black woman. “People kind of stare at you being the minority and not the majority,” she said.

When she noticed the slur on the receipt, she called the restaurant and was told by one of the owners that it was meant as a joke that she wasn’t intended to see.

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Hilarious Deepfake Video of Ron DeSantis Wearing Women’s Pants

It was based on an episode of ‘The Office.’ And this parody of Ron DeSantis is very funny. Trump’s son is already retweeting it. Question is will deepfake videos like these have an impact on the election, as some are worrying about. Is someone as stiff and humorless as DeSantis most vulneable?

To be fair there is one for Biden, by the same author:

UK food bank crisis is only getting worse

And it will only get worse. Global capitalism has never had it better. That means the rest of us struggle to make ends meet. It might be slightly worse in the UK, but America has its worsening food insecurity crisis. It’s worldwide. The 1 percent response is: let them eat cake:

Demand is now so high that staff have had to reassess the services they offer. Earlier this month, guests were told that a cooked breakfast would no longer be provided – costs and numbers have made it impractical – and recently an ambulance had to be called because a woman hit her head as people rushed forward to get in.

…It comes after the Observer revealed in February that more people than ever are depending on food banks in Britain – including pensioners, NHS staff and teachers.

Source:The Guardian

Are Republicans Trying to Crash the Economy?

Is it possible that Republicans are that criminal that they would crash the economy by defaulting on the debt so that they can win in 2024? Don’t put it past them, no matter how evil and treasonous it is:

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Lauren Boebert: I wanted to use Birth Control but it was Cheaper to have a kid

Not sure that will go over well with conservatives and the ‘pro-life’ establishment. But like her dear leader, Donald Trump, Boebert can’t stop saying stupid things.