Atlanta Cop Kicks Handcuffed Woman in the Face

Will this cop be arrested? No. Will he be fired? Open to question. Certainly he won’t be held accountable unless the public demands it. Guess who gets to investigate. The police department. Business as usual.

They officers knew she was mentally ill. And they also knew she posed no risk to them:

The officers were responding to reports of an armed person on Haygood Avenue in the Peoplestown neighborhood, according to a news release. The caller said a woman was walking in the area and had pointed a gun at several people.

Once the officers detained the woman, they “became concerned with the female’s mental health and requested Grady EMS transport her to the hospital for evaluation,” the news release said. No charges were filed against the woman, and no further updates were provided about her condition.

Apparently the police in Atlanta are really bad:

But local advocates say abuses of power by police aren’t uncommon in Atlanta, and that one investigation won’t change anything until institutional reform happens.

“The footage of an Atlanta police officer brutalizing a handcuffed woman is both disturbing and unsurprising,” Hannah Riley, communications director for the Southern Center for Human Rights, told VICE News in an email. “This video came to light just one day after Atlanta police killed a 38 year old man named Sam Parker. The quotidian violence of policing harms countless communities in Atlanta, day in and day out.”

Parker, a 38 year-old-father, was shot early in the morning on Sunday during a block party, according to local CBS 46. The block party hosted nearly 1,000 people and police responded to the area after gunshots were heard—witnesses say police shot Parker, who was a bystander, instead of the shooter.

Need more proof?

The now-fired Atlanta Police officer who faces a felony murder charge for fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks last week kicked the 27-year-old man after he fell to the ground, Fulton County’s district attorney said Wednesday.

DA Paul Howard announced 11 charges against Garrett Rolfe, who five days ago fired three shots at Brooks, two of which hit Brooks in the back and another that hit a car with three people inside.
After Rolfe shot Brooks, he exclaimed, “I got him,” kicked Brooks as he struggled for his life, and failed to give timely first aid, Howard said.
Asked by a reporter about new details revealed by the district attorney, Tomika Miller, Brooks’ widow, began to cry and said, “I was very hurt. … I felt everything that he felt just by hearing what he went through. And it hurt. It hurt really bad.”

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