GOP Claim of Voter Fraud is Fraudulent

Trump claims that the election was stolen from him and is suing to stop the new president from taking office. And he is supported for the most part by his party. But some are not going along with this charade.

Even the pollsters are guilty of fraud, according to Trump:

And the innocent get hurt. In particular, our troops are being targeted due to fault of their own:

It’s really about stealing from true believers. That’s what Trump does best:

Ok. Bet.

Who is committing the fraud?

Who are the real fraudsters again?

Here’s your fraud. It’s even too much for pro-Trump FOX news.

Say what?!

Republicans are desperate for dirt but can’t find any.

Republicans are now fighting with each other over this issue.

NO amount of Gestapo tactics will win Trump this election.

The gang that couldn’t shoot straight.


This could really about getting Georgia voters to get angry enough to come out and vote for Republican Senate candidates in the runoff in January. This is the real fraud.

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