House panel approves $25B boost for Defense Budget

America might be in crisis and money is limited for spending on urgent needs for our citizens, but the Congress is always able to find funds to spend on the military. This obscene misallocation of funds is even worse than what we’ve come to expect from both parties. They know it’s outrageous but they don’t care. Their first loyalty is to the military-industrial-complex:

The House Armed Services Committee voted Wednesday to add nearly $25 billion to President Biden’s proposed defense budget as more than a dozen Democrats sided with Republicans on bulking up Pentagon funding.

The committee voted 42-17 on an amendment from Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.), the ranking member of the panel, to set the fiscal 2022 defense budget at $778 billion — $37 billion more than approved for this year and $25 billion more than Biden asked for next year.