Russian Journalist, Putin Critic Attacked With Chemical

If you criticize Putin in Russia your life is at risk:

Dmitry Muratov, the editor-in-chief of the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for publishing pieces critical of the Russian Government and President Vladimir Putin, was attacked during a train trip on Thursday.

Muratov shared photos of the aftermath of the attack on Telegram. The attacker, who remains unknown, coated Muratov and his entire private train cabin with red paint. The paint had acetone in it, and Muratov wrote along with the picture “My eyes burned terribly.”

The journalist’s attacker apparently shouted, “Muratov, here’s to you for our boys,” which likely sounds like a pro-war phrase where “our boys” are Russian soldiers, as Novaya Gazeta had been publishing pieces critical of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, this independent outlet had already temporarily shuttered before the attack.

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NYC Mayor Adams Tests Positive for Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the City gets more violent.

So not only can’t he protect New Yorkers from gun violence but he can’t even protect himself:

Gun violence in NY is a worsening epidemic. And it’s got worse, not better, under the big-talking Mayor since he took office 100 days ago.

And racist violence is getting worse:

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30 Civilians Killed: Russian Bomb Dropped on Ukranians had “For the Children” Written on it

This is as heinous as it gets. Hitler and Stalin are blushing in their graves. Putin is now targeting train stations filled with civilians, including children.

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Opposition to Ketanji Brown Jackson Proves Republicans are Racist

Judge Brown was confirmed to ascend to the Supreme Court. But not before being smeared and defamed by Republicans in the Senate. She was accused of being a terrorist sympathizer and being soft on pedophilia. But don’t be fooled GOP opposition was about her race. Because everything is about race for them:

Only 3 Republicans voted to confirm Brown:

Republicans opposed her despite Brown being one of the most qualified nominees ever:

White Supremacist Tom Cotton falsely accused Judge Brown of willingly al Qaeda terrorists. He didn’t mention that she was appointed a public defender. She had no choice. It was an obligation as a lawyer. None of the people she represented were ever convicted of anything. In other words, they were not found to be terrorists.

What’s particularly galling is that those same Senators who opposed the nomination of Brown voted to confirm a rapist, Brett Kavanaugh, to the high court.

Russia is Losing the War

The people are no longer afraid. They will vanquish the invaders.

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Eric Adams Wants to Use Drones to Fight Crime in NYC

How do you use drones in the subway?

Sounds to me like the Mayor doesn’t have a clue on how to fight crime. Because things continue to worsen since he took office:

The politicians in New York have plenty of excuses for the crime problem going up. Bottom line is that they don’t have answers.

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Another Man Died in Police Custody While Pleading he Couldn’t Breathe

He was murdered 2 months before George Floyd:

A newly released video shows a California man who died two years ago screaming “I can’t breathe” while being restrained by authorities, ABC affiliate KXTV reported.

A California judge ordered the video of Edward Bronstein’s death to be released to the public on Tuesday.

In the nearly 18-minute video, Bronstein, 38, is seen refusing an order from California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers to take a blood test, according to the ABC affiliate.

“This is your last opportunity. Otherwise you’re going face down on the mat and we’re gonna keep on going,” a CHP officer told Bronstein, as other officers forced him down.

Five CHP officers continue to hold Bronstein down, with some putting their knees on his back as he shouted “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I promise!” the ABC affiliate reported.

“It’s too late,” one officer replied.

Bronstein began to shout “I can’t breathe!” and “I can’t!” as authorities continued to restrain him, according to the video.

“Stop yelling!” one CHP officer said to Bronstein.

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Trending on Twitter: #TuckerCarlsonIsATraitor

And that he certainly is:

Carlson: “I’m rooting for Russia.”

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Trump calls the Russian invasion ‘a Holocaust,’ urges Russia “stop killing these people”

You know it’s bad for Putin when even his lapdog has called for him to stop the invasion of Ukraine:

Former President Trump called the Russian invasion into Ukraine “a Holocaust” and urged Russia to stop fighting, a large shift in tone since last week when the former president praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s remarks came during a Wednesday interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, widely seen as a Trump ally.

The former president said Russia has “to stop killing these people” and suggested a deal could be worked out to end the conflict.

Very unTrumplike. But he has no choice. His defense of Putin initially backfired bigly. He can’t run for the White House in 2024 with that on his resume:

Trump condemned the military action taking place in Ukraine and said the number of casualties from the war may be higher than being reported.

“We’re fighting Russia. We’re watching a holocaust. We’re watching something that I’ve never seen before.

“They’re blowing up buildings, with children, with women, with professionals, with people, just people, they’re blowing up indiscriminately. They’re just shooting massive missiles and rockets into these buildings and everybody is dying.

“The numbers are far worse than what you’re seeing on television. I don’t know if they keeping them down. When you see buildings being blown up and then they say one person died? Give me a break. Many people are dying and we’re allowing this to happen.”

But he still won’t denounce Putin:

Despite being presented with the opportunity to condemn the Russian president, the former US president notably did not mention Mr Putin by name, nor respond directly to Ms Bartiromo’s question as to whether he deserved respect.

Help Ukraine Fight Putin!

Their fight is our fight. Failure to stop Hitler invade Poland led to WWII and the holocaust. We can’t make that mistake again.

This is incredible. These people are heroic. And it can be a turning point in the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin:

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