Kari Lake Loses Final Election Lawsuit

The queen of losing has done it again. She might keep going, though. But she has a long way to go before she breaks the king’s (Donald Trump) record.

Election denier Kari Lake, who lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in 2022, just lost her last legal challenge. Lake has repeatedly alleged that she won the election with no credible evidence to back up her wild-eyed claim. She is a heavily filtered version of Donald Trump in a skirt.


Republican Antics Could Cause U.S. Debt Default leading to Economic Disaster

The GOP plays politics with everything. They seem to want to tear everything down rather governing. It’s all hate and extremism all the time. And it could lead to miscalculation that would cause a default on the debt, leading to catastrophic results for the economy:

Jon Stewart understands:

GOP is hypocritical and proud of it.

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Why is Biden Embracing the Neo-Fascist Prime Minister of Italy?

Biden is literally embracing the Neo-Fascist Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni:

This is not an ordinary government in Western Europe. It is literally a descendant of the Fascism of Benito Mussolini:

The 45-year-old Meloni, whose nationalist Brothers of Italy party has neo-fascist roots, led a right-wing coalition to victory in Italy’s national elections on September 26.

Meloni uses language that is standard for most right-wingers, including in the U.S. It is hate speech:

Meloni, who began her political career as the vice president of a now-outlawed neo-fascist political party, campaigned to become Italy’s first female prime minister on a populist and traditionalist platform of “God, country, family”—a slogan with deep fascist connotations in Italy—with a particular hostility to immigrants and LGBTQ people. Last month, Meloni tweeted a video of a Ukrainian woman being sexually assaulted by a male asylum-seeker, a video she said was intended to emphasize her pledge to “secure the cities” but which ended up identifying the rape victim.

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Ivanka Trump given a Deadline by New York Judge after Running Away From Fraud Lawsuit

No one in the Trump mafia will escape justice:

New York Attorney General Letitia James is demanding that Ivanka Trump provide more information related to her involvement in the Trump Organization’s tax fraud lawsuit , which James is suing Donald Trump and his three eldest children (including sons Donald Jr. and Eric) for $250 million over.

A judge has given Ivanka a deadline to cooperate or face legal consequences. With her father being accused of either inflating or undervaluing assets for financial gain, Ivanka is now in the spotlight and being scrutinized for her role in the fraud scandal .

Ivanka Trump

Meanwhile, daddy is headed for really big trouble soon:

CNN anchor Erin Burnett suggested a deluge of legal troubles for Trump could come to a head in August, to include the election crimes and classified documents probes, obstruction, and “maybe espionage” charges.

A new letter from election crimes prosecutor Fani Willis signals indictments of ex-President Donald Trump in Fulton County’s grand jury investigation of Trump’s effort to overturn election results in Georgia are likely coming in August.

FBI misused surveillance authorities to investigate Black Lives Matter protesters

Nothing new here. The FBI has been spying on black activists from the very beginning. And it isn’t because of any financial improprieties. It’s about viewing black people fighting for their rights as a threat:

The FBI used a controversial foreign surveillance authority in 2020 to investigate whether protesters involved in the Black Lives Matter movement had ties to terrorists, according to two reports declassified Friday.

…According to a newly declassified memorandum order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, issued more than a year ago, the FBI ran a “batch query” related to 133 individuals “arrested in connection with civil unrest and protests” between May 30 and June 18 of 2020.

The analysts ran these names through information gathered using authorities from Section 702, which allows the intelligence community to surveil electronic communications by foreign individuals located outside the United States for national security purposes. But the data collected also includes information about Americans on the other end of emails or other communications.

The CNN-Trump Townhall was a Fiasco

Was this worth it, CNN?

It was unforgiveable:

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Man Shoots Neighbors Kills 5 Family Members with an Assault Rifle

Another day another mass shooting. This time it was a person who was firing a gun in his backyard. The neighbors complained and 5, including a child, were murdered. People are shooting people for no particular reason. Too many individuals are powder kegs who have a gun are willing to use them.

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Watch this Documentary: “The Brain Washing of My Dad”

The director of this documentary appeared on Joy Reid’s program today. This is the story of how right-wing media literally brainwashed her father.

This topic is very timely. We are seeing the role played by right-wing media (in particular FOX) in the demise of our country.

Remember this recent shooting of Ralph Yarl? He’s the young man shot by a bigot who spent most of his time watching FOX News.

Tucker Carlson was Fired by FOX News

The lies finally caught up with Tuck:


Some of Tucker’s greatest hits:

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