Is the Republican Party a #GOPPedoRing?

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Ad by Lincoln Project has Republicans very Upset

Why aren’t Democrats putting out ads like this? Why aren’t they as outraged enough to want to fight for our children? Republicans are sending children to their deaths because of some political game; some twisted idea of winning and keeping power. We need to do everything within our power to stop this madness. Next time it could be your child. Do you want to wait for that to happen?:

A new ad from the conservative Lincoln Project takes aim at Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas over their opposition to school mask mandates.

The ad includes footage of a 9-year-old Florida boy hospitalized with COVID-related pneumonia that has gone viral on social media in recent days.

In a Twitter post sharing the footage last week, retired union representative Katherine MacKenzie wrote: “(H)ere’s what a 9 yr old with pneumonia looks like. He spent 3 days in P-ICU 6 days in all in the hospital. If you could prevent a child from going through this just by wearing masks why the hell wouldn’t you?”

MacKenzie’s post has been retweeted nearly 20,000 times.

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Anti-Vaxxer Senator Rand Paul Did not Reveal Wife Purchased Stocks for a Covid Treatment Drug

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul has made a name for himself by obnoxiously combating Dr.Fauci on the need for vaccinating people against the Covid pandemic. Now it turns out that he could be trying to profit from getting people sick from coronavirus. And it looks like the Senator is trying to cover-up the purchase of a stock for a drug that treats Covid sickness:

Sixteen months late, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Wednesday filed a disclosure with the Senate revealing that on Feb. 26, 2020, his wife, Kelley, purchased stock in Gilead Sciences, a company that produces an antiviral drug used to treat COVID-19.

Under the STOCK Act, which prohibits members of Congress from using information not available to the public for private profit, the disclosure should have been filed within 45 days of the purchase, The Washington Post reports.

The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020. That spring, the Justice Department launched investigations into several senators who sold stock shortly before the pandemic declaration, which upended the financial industry and caused markets to crash worldwide. Gilead makes remdesivir, an antiviral developed to treat hepatitis C that was also tested for use against infectious diseases. It was administered as part of former President Donald Trump’s treatment last October when he was hospitalized for COVID-19.

Insider trading is a crime:

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Chris Wallace Pointed Out To A GOP Lawmaker That It’s Republicans Who Are Actually Trying To Defund The Police

Wow. Why couldn’t a Democrat make this argument. It took a FOXNews host to do it:

“Let me push back on that a little bit,” Wallace told Banks, because in the program that he announced this week, the president said that the central part in his anti-crime package is the $350 billion in the American Rescue Plan, the COVID relief plan that was passed.”

Wallace then dug up one crucial, damning factoid. “Congressman Banks, you voted against that package, against the $350 billion, just like every other Republican in the House and Senate,” he said, “so can’t you make the argument that it’s you and the Republicans who are defunding the police?”


Don’t allow DeSantis to silence, jail his opponents — Defeat the anti-protest bills

DeSantis wants to be Trump’s successor as fascist-in-chief:

If you are Gov. Ron DeSantis you make your legislative priority for 2021 the passage of a law that will criminalize political protest. You champion House Bill 1/Senate Bill 484, which will make it child’s play to shut down any protest you don’t like, including those calling for you and your allies in the Florida Legislature to be voted out of office for your failures during the pandemic, among other reasons.

How easy will it be to stifle political protest in Florida if this new law passes? This easy: Under the new law, if a thousand people are marching peacefully to protest the current leadership, all it will take is for a handful of people to decide to throw a brick through a shop window and the entire crowd will be subject to arrest, a felony conviction and a hefty fine if law enforcement deems the peaceful protest “a riot.” That brick thrower could be an infiltrator acting to deliberately derail a perfectly legal demonstration.


Devin Nunes received a mysterious package from a known Russian agent — so why is he on the Intel Committee?

Good question. It is clear that the GOP has some kind of working relationship with Putin and the Russians. They’ve been caught taking money from them in the past. This needs to be looked into much further. Of course, Robert Mueller failed in connecting the dots:

Rep. Devin Nunes of California is the leading Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. And MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is wondering why the far-right congressman still has that position in light of his connection to Andrii Derkach, a Russian agent and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Maddow, during her March 18 broadcast, noted that Derkach is one of the Russian agents named in a National Intelligence Council report on Russian interference in the United States’ 2020 presidential election. The MSNBC host pointed out that according to the report, Derkach was “under the purview of Russian President Vladimir Putin” as part of Kremlin efforts to help former President Donald Trump win reelection and defeat now-President Joe Biden.

Kelly Loeffler Poses For Photo With Notorious KKK Leader

Picture of Charles Doles and Kelly Loeffler
Picture of Charles Doles and Kelly Loeffler (Crooks and Liars)

What does it say about the GOP if Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler wins the Georgia runoff on January 5th? That maybe they are a white supremacist party after all:

How bad is Chester Doles? When a photo circulated earlier this year with the QAnon nutjob Marjorie Taylor-Green and Chester Doles it damaged her campaign. In September, they had to throw Doles out of one of her events lest another picture of the two of them emerge. Apparently though, Kelly Loeffler has no such qualms about appearing in pictures with Nazi-sympathizers and former leaders of the KKK.

Laura Ingraham Tells Lindsey Graham to Stop Acting ‘Like a Used Car Salesman’

Wow. FOX is starting to get tired of being used by the Republicans.

During his appearance on Ingraham’s primetime show on Tuesday evening, the Fox host seemed to reach the end of her tolerance when Graham repeatedly promoted his campaign site.

Discussing the upcoming Georgia races, which will decide which party controls the Senate, Graham called on viewers to go to “ and I will tell you how to help Sens. [David] Perdue and [Kelly] Loeffler,” adding that Ingraham’s audience “helped raise millions of dollars” for his recent campaign.

GOP Claim of Voter Fraud is Fraudulent

Trump claims that the election was stolen from him and is suing to stop the new president from taking office. And he is supported for the most part by his party. But some are not going along with this charade.

Even the pollsters are guilty of fraud, according to Trump:

And the innocent get hurt. In particular, our troops are being targeted due to fault of their own:

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