Climate Activists Disrupt Congressional Baseball Game

No more business as usual, no matter fun and games. Global warming is destroying our planet. It’s an emergency. And we have to act accordingly. Congress just wants to be free to ignore it. Not happening. Not as long as there are those who are willing to fight to for us:

Climate protesters were arrested at the 87th annual Congressional Baseball Game and fundraiser Thursday night after trying to block the entrance to Nationals Park in Washington DC.

Three protesters were busted for unlawful entry at the stadium when dozens of demonstrators blocked the entrance, the DC Metropolitan Police Department told Fox News.

Several groups who organized the protest outside of the stadium were holding signs that read “This is a climate emergency.”

Just before the first pitch of the game, protesters moved to the front of the stadium’s center field gate to stop attendees from getting inside, according to the Washington Post.

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Global Warming is Real. Why are we still Ignoring it?

Global warming still isn’t being taken seriously. And we are seeing the consequences. Sadly it will take truly cataclysmic events before we take action. And by then it will be too. Is that okay with you?

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Southern California to see record-breaking heat on Super Bowl Sunday

Once again we are reminded that global warming is real:

A high pressure winter heat wave in Southern California is forecast to lash Los Angeles with unseasonably hot temperatures on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the National Weather Service Prediction Center. It could be the hottest kick-off in all of Super Bowl history, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is forecast to see temperatures near 90 degrees Sunday, when the Los Angeles Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium. The NWS has issued heat advisories for Los Angeles County, including portions of downtown Los Angeles, until 6 p.m. local time.

Greta Thunberg Calls out Politician Inaction on Global Warming

Thunberg might the greatest leader of our times. She is fearless. And she takes no prisoners. That is what we need.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg opened a youth climate summit on Tuesday saying she’s still not buying what most global leaders are selling.

Leading nations have let decades go by with little action to slow climate change. They now are “shamelessly congratulating themselves” for the pledges they do make, while still falling down on promises of financing developing nations to help meet global warming demands, she said.

The Youth4Climate event that featured the 18-year-old Thunberg — who began her popular and growing Friday “School Strike for Climate” campaign with a solo protest outside Swedish parliament at age 15 — is one of many agenda-pushing conferences in the tense weeks ahead of a pivotal deadline for climate-change policy: the U.N.’s Glasgow summit the first week of November.

The teen, who is also a champion for autistic individuals like herself, lobbed the common climate buzzwords back to the crowd, as she said there’s too big a gap between words and action: “There is no Planet B, there is no planet blah, blah, blah.”

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Global Warming Crisis: Flooding in NYC

We are getting a taste of things to come in New York City. And it wasn’t a major hurricane. It’s happening because the threat from climate change/global warming are not being addressed. Is is a crisis but we are not treating it as such. The politicians predictably do nothing. So it’s up to us, the people of the planet, to act. The first thing that has to happen is we must demand passage of a major infrastructure bill.

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