Tucker Carlson was Fired by FOX News

The lies finally caught up with Tuck:


Some of Tucker’s greatest hits:

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FOX News Pays out $15 Million Settlement for Underpaying Female Host

FOX News has a long history of sexual harassment and sexist mistreatment of it’s female employees. And they keep having to pay for it:

Fox News has reportedly come to terms on a monster settlement payout with Melissa Francis – a former host for the network who alleged there was a gender pay disparity during her tenure.

According to the Washington Post, the network has agreed to fork over approximately $15 million to Francis, who left in 2020 after spending nine years as a host for Fox News and Fox Business.

Francis previously filed a complaint with the New York State Department of Labor alleging retaliation by Fox News after she highlighted a gender pay gap at the network.

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Former Murdoch Executive: Fox News Is Poison For America

The truth about FOX from someone who knew the network intimately:

A former Fox executive has blasted Fox News, saying that not even the network’s longtime proprietor Rupert Murdoch believes its coverage.

In an op-ed published Sunday by The Daily Beast, Preston Padden, who served as president of network distribution at the Fox Broadcasting Company for seven years, wrote that Fox News is a TV channel “that no reasonable person would believe.”

Murdoch, who isn’t an American despite his U.S. citizenship. He got citizenship because it was required if he wanted to create the FOX Network. His news programming is a formula that sells. He doesn’t give a damn about the people who watch FOX as long as it makes him money. He used the same formula in Australia and Britain for years before coming to America. Murdoch learned early on that right-wing news sells. And that’s what happened in America.

Fox News has caused many millions of Americans—most of them Republicans (as my wife and I were for 50 years)—to believe things that simply are not true. For example, Yahoo News reports that 73 percent of Republicans blame “left-wing protesters” for the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Of course, that is ludicrous. All one has to do is look at the pictures or videos of the attack to see that the violent mob was comprised of Trump supporters. Similarly, a poll by SSRS in late April found that two-thirds of Republicans either believe or suspect that the election was stolen from Trump—60 percent saying there is “hard evidence” that the election was stolen. As noted above, this ridiculous notion has been thoroughly refuted. But millions of Americans believe these falsehoods because they have been drilled into their minds, night after night, by Fox News.

FOX News is fined $1 million for sexual harassment and retaliation

Finally the propaganda channel of the right that claims to uphold Christian values is finally held accountable for their sexual depravity:

The New York City Commission on Human Rights has fined Fox News $1 million, the largest penalty in its history, for violations of laws protecting against sexual harassment and job retaliation.

As part of a settlement agreement announced Tuesday, Fox also agreed to mandate anti-harassment training for its New York-based staff and contributors and to temporarily allow people who allege misconduct under human rights law to bring claims and not be subject to binding arbitration.

Tamara Holder, who reached a $2.5 million settlement with FOX News in 2017, broke her confidentiality agreement to challenge the owner of the company, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch “dismissed” allegations of rampant sexual harassment by “various men at Fox News.” The company had previously “ousted former anchor Bill O’Reilly and CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.

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FOXNews is Now Attacking the Military

For 4 years Donald Trump attacked the U.S. military and our allies. It’s partly because he doesn’t have a patriotic bone in his body. But I believe he was doing it in service of Moscow. But now FOXNews broadcasters have doing much of the same. Why? Is it just because of Trump. Or is because the military stands in the right’s design to create a fascist dictatorship in America? A plan that whats somewhat derailed on January 6th.

Tucker Carlson called the top general, Mark Milley, a pig. This is the same language attributed to the left by the right. After January 6th GOPers, MAGA can no longer accuse the left of being anti-cops. Now they can no longer accuse anyone of being anti-military. They can no longer point a crooked finger at ‘Antifa.’

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Tucker Carlson calls support for George Floyd an ‘attack on civilisation’

Carlson, like others on FOX, have decided to go all in on white supremacy. And FOX news makes it possible:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has called public support for George Floyd an “attack on civilisation” after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering the unarmed black man in Minneapolis last year.

On his Tuesday evening show, Carlson interviewed a former New York corrections officer, Ed Gavin, who criticised Chauvin for using excessive force on Floyd.