WHO is restarting its investigation into whether COVID-19 leaked from a Chinese lab

We need to find out the truth. Our survival depends on it. You can’t prevent the next pandemic without not knowing what caused the last one:

The World Health Organization is restarting its investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus in China, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The WHO is setting up the Scientific Advisory Group for the Origins of Novel Pathogens to investigate future virus outbreaks, and one of its first tasks is to establish whether the coronavirus could have emerged from a lab in Wuhan, WHO officials told The Journal.

The team will comprise 20 specialists, including laboratory-safety experts, biosecurity experts, and geneticists and animal-disease experts, The Journal said.

The People are Fighting back Against the Murderous Covid Policies of GOP Governors

Republicans want to kill kids for crazed political reasons. They want to be the party of the anti-vaxxers. But there are those who put the lives of children before their jobs and livelihoods. Because they are being threatened financially if they don’t go along the mass murder. Resist:

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Covid Vaccine Hesitancy Connected to Sharp Decline in Promotion Television Ads

Where are the ads? We have a pandemic that is one of worse disasters in our nation’s history. And there are very few commercials telling people to get vaccinated. Instead we hear about how fools and charlatans are spreading conspiracy theories with their neighbors. So it would make sense to have educational ads that include celebrities telling us about the need to get vaccinated and wear a mask. During WWII Hollywood stars sold government bonds to get Americans onboard with fighting the external enemy. We should be doing the same now. This is a war against an enemy of a different type–a virus.

Television ads promoting the vaccine for Covid-19 have been airing on television since it became widely available. But a sharp decline in the TV spots appears to correlate to a persistent group of vaccine-hesitant Americans, or so suggests the reporting by CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Friday morning, Cohen cited data from iSpot that tracks commercials across the broad spectrum of broadcast and cable television. “With nearly a third of Americans opting not to get vaccinated, you would hope the ads would increase, educating people, letting people know the correct information rather than all the misinformation that’s circulating on social media,” she told Brianna Keilar.

She then unveiled a chart that showed a sharp decline in pro-vaccination television spots from the middle of May. “What they found is that the number of Covid-19 vaccine ads viewed on TV peaked in May and then went down steadily,” she noted. “That decline is really quite dramatic,” she added before noting that TV viewing naturally always goes down in the summer.

“Still, that is a decline right at the time that you don’t want a decline because there are so many people who need to hear this message,” she said, before showing the sorts of ads that resonate best with Republicans and Democrats. Turns out that a spot featuring former presidents touting the benefits of the vaccine resonated very well with Democrats but not Republicans. A FedEx advertisement that showed the nation moving forward, not backward, and getting past the pandemic was a favorite among Republicans, according to research provided to CNN from iSpot.

Only 0.2 Percent of COVID Vaccines Have Gone to Poor Countries

This is a crime against humanity:

The head of the World Health Organization estimated in a recent address that of the more than 700 million coronavirus vaccine doses that have been administered across the globe, just 0.2% have gone to people in low-income nations — inequity that experts warn will persist unless rich countries end their obstruction of an international effort to suspend vaccine patents.

Speaking to the media on Friday, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus warned that “there remains a shocking imbalance in the global distribution of vaccines” as pharmaceutical companies cling to their monopoly control over technology that was developed with large infusions of public money.

“On average in high-income countries, almost one in four people has received a vaccine. In low-income countries, it’s one in more than 500,” said Tedros. “Let me repeat that: one in four versus one in 500.”

Anti-Mask Group Storms L.A. Grocery Store, More Stampedes Planned

This should be a federal crime. They endanger the lives of many people. In fact, if anyone dies from this behavior they should be charged with murder. Of course, there would be more outrage if the people doing it were black:

Despite COVID-19 cases surging in Los Angeles, hospitals overrun and a rising death count, there’s a sick group of people storming grocery stores without masks … and it appears they are part of a group that is targeting stores to wreak havoc.

30-50 members of this group stampeded the Erewhon Market near The Grove shopping center a few days ago, demanding to be allowed to shop without their masks.

This group is part of death-wish political movement. And Trump is it’s biggest cause:

Black Doctor Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racism, Mistreatment at Indiana Hospital

Here’s the smoking gun showing how the system treats people of color. If this happened to a doctor you can imagine what is happening to the poor who come down with Covid-19. It is no accident. The lives of blacks in this day and age are still less than that of whites:

After Dr. Moore, 52, complained about her treatment, she received care that she said “adequately treated” her pain. She was eventually sent home, and on Sunday, just more than two weeks after posting the video, Dr. Moore died of complications from Covid-19, said her son, Henry Muhammed.

Dr. Moore’s case has generated outrage and renewed calls to grapple with biased medical treatment of Black patients. Voluminous research suggests that Black patients often receive treatment inferior to their white counterparts, particularly when it comes to relieving pain.

…Dr. Moore tested positive for the coronavirus on Nov. 29 and was admitted to the hospital, according to her Facebook post, which she wrote on Dec. 4. She wrote that she had to beg the physician treating her to give her remdesivir, an antiviral drug some doctors use to treat Covid-19.

…Dr. Moore said she received a scan of her neck and lungs after her doctor denied she was short of breath, despite her telling him she was, and after he told her he could not justify giving her more narcotic painkillers. The scan detected problems — pulmonary infiltrates and new lymphadenopathy, she said — and so she began receiving more opioid pain medication. But she said she was left in pain for hours before a nurse gave her the dose.

Source: NY Times


More than 80% of Pfizer’s vaccine doses have already been bought by world’s richest

The world is owned and controlled by the 1 percent. The 99 percent can go to hell. Globalism destroyed the planet. Now they want to kill off it’s poorest:

Campaigners in the United Kingdom on Wednesday warned that just two days after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer shared positive early results of its coronavirus vaccine trial, mass purchases of the vaccine by the world’s richest countries have left more than 85% of the global population—namely, the world’s poorest—without any way to access it. Pfizer says it can produce 1.35 billion doses of the vaccine, which was shown according to Pfizer’s first formal review to be 90% effective at preventing coronavirus infection in patients who have never had the virus, by the end of 2021. More than one billion of those doses—82% of the supply—have already been purchased by wealthy countries.

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Still at Levels from over a Month Ago

The politicians are ‘opening up’ the country despite Coronavirus deaths being a levels seen over a month ago. On May 14th there were over 2,000 deaths nationally. On May 12th it was nearly 2k. That was higher than early April when deaths spiked up to around that number.

Why are we talking about getting back to normal when Americans are still dying. In fact, the danger is that we might see things worsen. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading authority on the virus, warned what could happen if we open up too soon.

This could be catastrophic. And most of it would be the fault of Trump and Republicans who want to get the economy moving again in time for the election. They are willing to sacrifice thousands of lives for political gain. And Democrats are too meek to sound the alarm.

3 New York children die from syndrome possibly linked to COVID-19

A new crisis? New York government’s handling the the Coronvirus pandemic has been horrific. One third of all deaths in America have occurred in New York:

Three children have now died in New York state from a possible complication from the coronavirus involving swollen blood vessels and heart problems, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday.

At least 73 children in New York have been diagnosed with symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease — a rare inflammatory condition in children — and toxic shock syndrome. Most of them are toddlers and elementary-age children.