Man Arrested After Racist Tirade, Attempted Stabbing of Black Off-Duty Cop

No one is spared in our racist society. Here we have a cop, who is a minister, assaulted by a vile, hateful white male. It’s a sickening reality that happens all too often:

Police have arrested a man on a hate crime charge after a father and son were on the receiving end of a hate-fueled road rage incident in upstate New York.

William Ryan, 60, a resident of Newburgh, was arrested Tuesday in the incident and charged with second degree menacing as a hate crime.

The road rage incident unfolded on Saturday on Broadway in Newburgh.

The victim Robert Mclymore, who is African American, slowed down to let another car pass in front of him in the afternoon, which caused a white motorist behind him to become enraged.

The man began shouting a racial slur at Mclymore and his son while waving a box cutter at them and attempting to rear-end their car.

Democrats are Failing to Defend the Rights of African-Americans

While Democrats in Congress pat themselves on the back for signing into law the Juneteenth holiday, they are failing to defend the rights of African-Americans at the polls and beyond. But should we be surprised.


The Republican Party is a threat to the our republic. And the Democrats doing nothing to defend us. And in particular, they are engaging wholesale race-baiting and bigotry. Everything they do is promote hate and insurrection.

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