Ivanka Trump given a Deadline by New York Judge after Running Away From Fraud Lawsuit

No one in the Trump mafia will escape justice:

New York Attorney General Letitia James is demanding that Ivanka Trump provide more information related to her involvement in the Trump Organization’s tax fraud lawsuit , which James is suing Donald Trump and his three eldest children (including sons Donald Jr. and Eric) for $250 million over.

A judge has given Ivanka a deadline to cooperate or face legal consequences. With her father being accused of either inflating or undervaluing assets for financial gain, Ivanka is now in the spotlight and being scrutinized for her role in the fraud scandal .

Ivanka Trump

Meanwhile, daddy is headed for really big trouble soon:

CNN anchor Erin Burnett suggested a deluge of legal troubles for Trump could come to a head in August, to include the election crimes and classified documents probes, obstruction, and “maybe espionage” charges.

A new letter from election crimes prosecutor Fani Willis signals indictments of ex-President Donald Trump in Fulton County’s grand jury investigation of Trump’s effort to overturn election results in Georgia are likely coming in August.

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