Election Results Yesterday: MAGA Cult gets Crazier

It looks like the MAGA cult is alive and well. That’s good news for Donald Trump.

…Trump was able to handedly bump one of the most vocal of that list, Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina, off his seat, rendering him out of a job come November. Rice was one of the ten Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment, a “conservative vote” he told ABC News’ Jon Karl that he would make again in a heartbeat, even if it cost him his job. And lost his job he did, to MAGA-world challenger Russell Fry, who was quick to paint Rice as a traitor to his party.

It was mixed bag nonetheless. Incumbents always have the upper hand no matter who endorses the challenger:

Totally flipped dynamics greeted South Carolina’s 1st District, where Trump was wholly unsuccessful in booting a challenger in Rep. Nancy Mace, who carried her primary win by at least ten points.

But in an open seat crazy is good:

Voters in Nevada seem to not be scared of a little election denial. Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s open-armed embrace of conspiracy surrounding the 2020 presidential election helped him notch a win in the state’s GOP Senate Primary. Laxalt, who hails from a state political dynasty, bested political outsider Sam Brown who tried and failed to paint Laxalt as cozy with party insiders.

Rep. Nancy Mace arrives at her election night party following the close of polls in South Carolina’s primary elections on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, in Mount Pleasant, S.C. | Meg Kinnard/AP Photo

This is the worst last night. There is no shame for a MAGA politician:

Republican politician Michele Fiore won a Nevada primary just weeks after blaming the Uvalde school shooting on “transgender medicine.”

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