Democrats lose Texas House Seat to Hispanic Republican

How pathetic is this? Democrats can’t keep a Congressional seat in where the majority of voters are hispanic. This despite the GOP’s constant racist attacks on people of color:

Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democratic House district in South Texas on Tuesday, a major special election victory building on GOP gains among Latino voters in the region in the 2020 election.

Flores, a respiratory care practitioner, had 51 percent of the vote to Democrat Dan Sanchez’s 43 percent when Sanchez conceded the race in a district where 85 percent of residents are Latino. Flores won the seat outright by taking a majority of the vote, without needing a runoff.

The seat was open after former Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela resigned to work for a lobbying group in March. Flores will be the first Mexican-born congresswoman and the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley area since Reconstruction. However, she will only hold the seat until January.

The election result could be the result of the belief of voters that Democrats take them for granted:

A majority (51%) say the Republican Party takes Latino Americans for granted and four in ten (40%) say the Democratic Party takes Latino Americans for granted.

This despite the fact Hispanic voters feel strongly about the rights of immigrants:

Just over two-thirds support providing a path to U.S. citizenship for all people currently in the U.S. illegally (68%), while six in ten (60%) support allowing refugees fleeing crime and violence in Latin America to claim asylum in the U.S.

Seven in ten oppose sending all undocumented immigrants back to their country of origin (70%) or building a wall or fence along the entire U.S.-Mexico border (68%)

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