White Chicago Cop is Charged after Attacking a Black Woman Walking her Dog

It was unjustified harassed by a cop. But it was not surprising. Thankfully the woman did not lose her life. And hopefully justice will be done:

Charges of official misconduct and aggravated battery have been filed against a white former Chicago police officer captured on video struggling with a Black woman who was walking her dog in a park.

Officer Bruce Dyker has been charged with official misconduct and aggravated battery in a public way, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said. He’s due in court for arraignment on Thursday.

…Videos showing Dyker grabbing Nikkita Brown shortly after midnight on Aug. 28, 2021, as she walked her French bulldog at North Avenue Beach later went viral.

In one video recorded by a bystander, Brown and her dog appear to be walking away from the officer as he follows closely.

She was profiled:

  • Dyker had 25 complaints against him, including three that were sustained.
  • Brown “believes the incident was racially motivated and she wanted to see Dyker fired and criminally prosecuted.”
  • “The CCTV video shows Nikkita Brown backing up more than 120 feet in compliance with Officer Dyker’s aggressive behavior and repeated threats,” Gallagher said Monday. “Officer Dyker’s attack on her was totally unjustified and a crime, simple as that. Mr. Catanzara’s [police union head] claim that his criminal charges are a result of reverse racism is ridiculous.”

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