The American People have no Faith in the Two-Party System

Only 20% trust government to the right thing:

Democratic and Republican voters alike think the government is worthless.

They are in for themselves. To line their pockets.

And the increasing dissatisfaction with government is not limited to Congress. President’s of the two-party system are just as much to blame. It’s not just one president but the whole system that is at fault:

The public rightly understands that politicians of both parties are in it to line their pockets:

At least 48 members of Congress and 182 top Capitol Hill staffers have violated a law meant to increase transparency and prevent conflicts of interests around stock trading in Washington, a recently released Insider investigation found.

According to the Insider report, members of both major parties have violated the STOCK Act, with violations between Democrats and Republicans about even. Most of the violations from Capitol Hill staffers and Congress members are due to late reporting, with some disclosures coming as late as four years. Many of these disclosures demonstrate conflicts of interest between lawmakers’ investments and the industries they govern.

And why is this happening? Well, if you are member of Congress once in you are basically immune from losing your job. In 2020, 96 percent of incumbents won re-election. Overall, 90 to 95 of politicians keep getting reelected, year after year. They are under no pressure to do anything for their constituents since their jobs are secure.

Not having choice has consequences. We have instead a charade that pretends to give choice. That is what we call the duopoly.

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