Putin is Losing his Grip on Power

Whether it’s by a coupe or health factors Putin’s dictatorial control over Russia is rapidly fading. The almost certain defeat in Ukraine is guarantee that Putin will be forced out. He has brought disaster and dishonor to Russia. He cannot survive such failure.

Opposition to the war in Ukraine has existed from the beginning, even if small. Soldiers refusing to fight in commonplace:

Putin brought this upon himself by refusing to call the invasion a war. He got outsmarted. Technically these soldiers are not traitors or deserters.

Non combatants are also are making their voices heard. They are very courageous to do so. Since they could be prosecuted for speaking out against the war:

And let’s forget this incredible outburst, even if he was forced to backtrack. It shows the truth cannot be suppressed. It also shows this analyst felt comfortable enough to criticize the war on state TV. Which could suggest there is an effort to bring down Putin among elements that are angry at the conduct of Putin’s war in Ukraine. This was a shot across his bow.

Failure to ‘win’ in Ukraine is something Putin will not be able to survive. He has brought shame to Russia, in more ways than one:

What could also undermine the cold-blooded war in Ukraine is fear of being brought up on war crimes charges. Putin has foolishly thought that if he can’t win on the battlefield he could brutalized Ukrainians into surrendering. He believes that because it worked in Chechnya and Syria that it will work against his Slavic neighbors. That is a serious miscalculation. Now some of his commanders and soldiers will have to think twice in committing atrocities and then being taken before the International Court. But it’s also counterproductive. The brutality against civilians will only make Ukrainians more determined to fight:

And there could be plans already in place. The writing is on the wall:

And he could be very sick. That makes it much easier for Putin to be removed. But who will replace him?

Likely scenario: He will be removed from power because of health reasons. Although it will not be voluntary by Putin. And it will happen sooner rather than later:

It’s simply a matter of time before Vladimir Putin is gone with plans underway to send him to a sanatorium, a top former MI6 chief predicts.

The warmonger could be placed in an establishment for the medical treatment of people with chronic illness by next year, Sir Richard Dearlove claims.

There has been a string of claims about the health of the leader, with some reports suggesting he is suffering from cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatment among other ailments.

Other reports claim Putin is suffering from Parkinson’s or early-stage dementia.

Speaking on the One Decision podcast, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service’s former boss says Putin would soon exit office to receive medical treatment.

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