Trump Endorsed Senate Candidate Dr. Oz is a Puppet of Turkish Dictator Erdogan

Oz is misrepresenting himself in many different ways. Including his stands on the issues. Even some Trump supporters have noticed the TV doctor’s flipflops:

Laura Ingraham is not afraid to say it: Sean Hannity and Donald Trump do not have perfect judgment.

That might not put Ingraham in rare company, but it is unusual for Fox News hosts to turn on their own — and that’s exactly what “The Ingraham Angle” host did Tuesday night, calling out Hannity and Trump for their endorsement of Dr. Mehmet Oz as the Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania.

The retired celebrity surgeon and TV host is vying to replace the retiring Pat Toomey, also a Republican, in the November election and picked up the key Trump endorsement — which Hannity publicly backed — in a tight primary race.

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