Newsmax Host Calls out Tucker Carlson for his Putin Appeasement

Even for a right-wing outlet like Newsmax Carlson’s appeasement is a bit too much. After all how can you call yourself a patriot be a supporter of our greatest enemy, Putin?

Newsmax host Eric Bolling has urged Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to stop creating fodder for Russian propaganda, telling his former colleague, “You’ve gone too far.”

Bolling similarly called out Carlson earlier this month and again criticized the right-wing personality on Tuesday for supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin and his disinformation campaign to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

“My compadre continues to push falsehoods that Putin and his propagandists are exploiting to show that, yes, some Americans do indeed side with Russia in this war,” Bolling said in a clip captured by Mediaite.

“Is that the side of history … you want to be on?” he said, addressing Carlson.

Don’t get me wrong, bolling is not a good guy:

Tucker is a Russian asset. And Bolling deserves credit for calling him out. Now of course Newsmax would like some of FOX’s audience. So it isn’t totally selfless criticism of Carlson:

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