Democrats will Lose Control of Congress in the Fall Elections

HIstory is against Democrats. And so is their failure to govern:

One of the most regular patterns in American politics is the tendency of the president’s party to lose seats in Congress in midterm elections. The president’s party has lost House seats in 17 of 19 midterms and Senate seats in 13 of 19 midterms since World War II. Across all 19 midterm elections, the president’s party has lost an average of about 27 seats in the House and roughly 3.5 seats in the Senate.

And it doesn’t help when you have a president who is so unpopular:

There appears to be a growing consensus among pundits and political observers that Democrats are likely to experience a shellacking in the 2022 midterm elections, especially in the House of Representatives. According to observers such as Chuck Todd and Mark Murray of NBC News, a number of indicators are now pointing toward major losses for Democrats, especially President Biden’s poor approval rating and the large proportion of Americans who believe that the country is currently on the wrong track or headed in the wrong direction.

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