Bernie Sanders Considering Running for Prez in 2024. That’s a Mistake.

It’s a stupid idea. And a terrible waste. Sanders should be working on building a progressive movement that transform American politics. Instead he is being selfish. I supported him in 2016. But I thought it was mistake for him to run to 2020 because the Democratic establishment would never allow him to become the nominee of the party. And I was right. And it is still the case. Democrats will never allow a true progressive to win the nomination:

The press is already trying to minimize Sanders by not even including him on a list of possible Dems running in 2024.

They robbed Sanders of the nomination in 2016 and 2020. What makes Bernie they won’t do it again?

And why should we waste our time supporting someone who has done zero since the 2020 election. He couldn’t even get his spokesperson elected in her last campaign.

Yeah. After the fact. Are you going to try and get some credit for the great victory of Amazon labor in creating a union? Looks like it. I’m getting tired of the lip-service. Truth is Bernie talks a good fight. Whatever successes labor is achieving is in spite of activism in the streets. Not because of any leadership from the top.

We need a new generation of leadership:

But he is right when he condemns the Democratic Party. So why are you running for the nomination of such a party?

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