Unarmed, Non-Violent Black man is Shot in the Head by Michigan Cop

Once again an unarmed, non-violent black man is murdered by a cop. It just keeps happening over and over again.

Peter Lyoya took his six children from Congo in 2014 to escape violence. Now he fears he brought them to the U.S. to die.

A Michigan police officer fatally shot his eldest son, 26-year-old Patrick, in the head this month following a traffic stop in Grand Rapids. Video released Wednesday shows a brief foot chase and struggle over the white officer’s Taser before he shoots Patrick Lyoya in the head as the Black man is face down on the ground.

Lyoya was running away. He was clearly not a threat to the police officer. But if you run in America that means you are now subject to summary execution. It doesn’t matter what the crime is. If a crime was committed:

“No, no, no, stop, stop,” the officer is heard saying. He then puts his hands on Lyoya’s shoulder and back. Lyoya is seen resisting the officer’s touch and quickly backs away from the officer, running away from him before the officer tackles him to the ground and tells Lyoya to “stop resisting.”

The video shows Lyoya getting up and standing, the officer drawing and then deploying a Taser.

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom told reporters during a news conference that the Taser was deployed twice during the confrontation but the prongs didn’t hit Lyoya.

“Let go of the Taser,” the officer is heard saying on his body cam video.

At this point, the officer’s body worn camera was deactivated. Winstrom said it takes pushing a button for three seconds to turn off the body camera and he thought pressure from Lyoya’s body caused the deactivation.

Another angle of the incident, taken from a neighborhood home surveillance camera, captures the rest of the altercation. The officer is heard shooting Lyoya, according to audio from the video. The cell phone video also shows the fatal shot.

The cop, who’s name we don’t know because the authorities refuse to release it, was on top Lyoya with his face facing the ground. That does not require using a gun:

The video showed Lyoya facedown on the ground, with the officer on top of him, when a single shot was fired, hitting Lyoya in the head.

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