Opposition to Ketanji Brown Jackson Proves Republicans are Racist

Judge Brown was confirmed to ascend to the Supreme Court. But not before being smeared and defamed by Republicans in the Senate. She was accused of being a terrorist sympathizer and being soft on pedophilia. But don’t be fooled GOP opposition was about her race. Because everything is about race for them:

Only 3 Republicans voted to confirm Brown:

Republicans opposed her despite Brown being one of the most qualified nominees ever:

White Supremacist Tom Cotton falsely accused Judge Brown of willingly al Qaeda terrorists. He didn’t mention that she was appointed a public defender. She had no choice. It was an obligation as a lawyer. None of the people she represented were ever convicted of anything. In other words, they were not found to be terrorists.

What’s particularly galling is that those same Senators who opposed the nomination of Brown voted to confirm a rapist, Brett Kavanaugh, to the high court.

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