Another Man Died in Police Custody While Pleading he Couldn’t Breathe

He was murdered 2 months before George Floyd:

A newly released video shows a California man who died two years ago screaming “I can’t breathe” while being restrained by authorities, ABC affiliate KXTV reported.

A California judge ordered the video of Edward Bronstein’s death to be released to the public on Tuesday.

In the nearly 18-minute video, Bronstein, 38, is seen refusing an order from California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers to take a blood test, according to the ABC affiliate.

“This is your last opportunity. Otherwise you’re going face down on the mat and we’re gonna keep on going,” a CHP officer told Bronstein, as other officers forced him down.

Five CHP officers continue to hold Bronstein down, with some putting their knees on his back as he shouted “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! I promise!” the ABC affiliate reported.

“It’s too late,” one officer replied.

Bronstein began to shout “I can’t breathe!” and “I can’t!” as authorities continued to restrain him, according to the video.

“Stop yelling!” one CHP officer said to Bronstein.

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