Help Ukraine Fight Putin!

Their fight is our fight. Failure to stop Hitler invade Poland led to WWII and the holocaust. We can’t make that mistake again.

This is incredible. These people are heroic. And it can be a turning point in the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin:


Fighting the PutiNAZI on all levels:

The world is on the side of Ukraine and against the bloody attack by Putin:

Why did you wait until now? That money should have been sent weeks ago. Biden’s failure to stop the Russian invasion is very Neville Chamberlain-like.

Putin was counting on his propaganda network and assets in the U.S. to help him invade Ukraine. They’ve failed miserably; especially Trump:

Stalling the Russian advance is crucial to stop the total occupation of Ukraine. Every day that passes with the invaders being stalled is a victory. The pressure on Putin is getting intense. He could be forced to negotiate a cease fire. That would be defeat for the Russian gangster president:

How ironic that the Germans would not have learned the lesson of Hitler and his leading that country to war during the 1930s:

Incredible picture:

Demand Biden remove Russia from SWIFT:

Beware of the 5th columnists:

There is still a grave threat:

The Polish deserves great credit for all the things they are doing. Poland suffered greatly from German and Russian invasion of their country in the 1930s. Never again!

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