Black FedEx Driver Shot at, Chased by White Male and Father

This is almost identical to what happened to Ahmaud Arbery. He was shot at just because he was black. Apparently the lesson has not been learned. This story will probably be ignored by the media since there is no video. It is frightening that the lynching mentality is alive and well in parts of America:

Two white men are facing criminal charges after a black delivery driver says he was chased and shot at while delivering packages.

The driver, D’monterrio Gibson, says it happened on January 24 in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

He was driving a Hertz rental van that had no FedEx markings, though Gibson was wearing a FedEx jacket, shirt, and pants.

Gibson says he was driving down a street when a man in the middle of the road pointed a gun at his vehicle, waving at him to stop.

He hid behind his steering wheel and tried to swerve around him. That’s when Gibson says he heard shots hitting the van.

He believes he was targeted because he is black.

FedEx driver shot at, chased by father, son because of his race, attorney says (Photo Courtesy of Lincoln County Sheriff's Department)

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