Residents In Queens NYCHA Building Sound Off Over Lack Of Hot Water And Pressure

It’s par for the course for New York public housing residents. And you can bet the big talking new mayor won’t do a damn thing to help these people. In fact, the City of New York is the biggest slumlord in the Big Apple:

Residents say it has been a problem for months — hot water and decent water pressure.

People living in a Queens public housing building are at their wit’s end and are demanding help, CBS2’s Thalia Perez reported Sunday.

…“It did receive federal dollars to bring in new boilers, but something is wrong, obviously. Because of NYCHA’s lack of investment in infrastructure challenges, obviously the system it’s just not working although they’re putting in boilers,” Richards said.

But in a statement a NYCHA spokeswoman said, “Carleton Manor residents do have hot water, and NYCHA staff have been working around the clock with outside vendors and experts to address the underlying water temperature and pressure issues.”

She also called the issue a “complex matter” and said it’s “the result of deteriorating and severely underfunded infrastructure.”

Many residents still say this isn’t the case and they don’t have hot water.

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