Protests, calls for accountability in Minneapolis after Amir Locke fatally shot by police

Lessons not learned in Minnesota;

Three days after Minneapolis police executing a no-knock warrant fatally shot Amir Locke, protests are expected to continue in the city as community members demand accountability for the death of a man remembered by family as a “bright light.”

Car horns blared in downtown Minneapolis on Friday as dozens gathered, temporarily clogging the street, in a car caravan protest calling for the firing of Officer Mark Hanneman, who shot Locke on Wednesday.

Body camera footage shows Hanneman shot Locke, a Black man, as the 22-year-old began to rise from underneath a blanket on the couch he was resting on early Wednesday. Locke was holding a gun his family says he was in legal possession of.

“We’ll stay in the streets until we get justice, period,” protester Courtney Armborst told CBS, adding that they were there in support of Locke’s family.

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