Virginia election spotlights Biden’s flailing party

The Democrats under Biden are self-destructing. Just as they did under Obama:

In a recent interview with The New York Times, prominent Florida-based trial lawyer and high-dollar Democratic donor John Morgan unloaded on his party for presiding over “a general feeling of not understanding why nothing can get done.” The Democrats’ inability to pass the far-reaching initiatives its members have spent weeks promoting is “single-handedly torpedoing” Democratic candidates and setting the stage for “a blood bath” of a midterm election cycle in 2022.

Morgan didn’t dwell on why Democratic ambitions are being frustrated, but some pollsters have. Their conclusions aren’t surprising: Those Democratic ambitions only resonate with Democrats. Among the voters in the middle of the electorate, whose consent is necessary to lubricate the gears of government, the sentiment around Democratic initiatives ranges from ambivalent to outright hostile. Thus, Democrats have set their Republican opponents up to once again be rewarded for doing, well, nothing at all.

source: MSNBC

How the Democrats put Republicans in the enviable position of having to do nothing at all.

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