Deaf man sues after police officers arrested him for not complying with commands he couldn’t hear

Another example of the lack of training and brutality of law enforcement officers. Non-compliance to commands is grounds for getting the stuffing beat out of you. And it doesn’t matter that the arrestee is handicapped or mentality disabled:

A deaf man who was arrested and jailed following a traffic stop in 2019 is now suing the officers involved, alleging use of excessive force, unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution.

Brady Mistic, who is deaf in both ears and uses American Sign Language to communicate, was walking up to a laundry mat in Idaho Springs, Colorado when a police patrol car pulled up with its emergency lights on. Officers Nicholas Hanning and Ellie Summers had followed him after Mistic allegedly ran a stop sign near the laundry mat.

The officers gave commands for Mistic to get back into his car and weren’t aware at the time that he is deaf, according to a statement from the Idaho Springs Police Department.

The officers then forced Mistic to the ground and used a stun gun on him twice, during which he told the officers “No ears,” according to the lawsuit filed on Sept. 17, exactly two years after the initial incident occurred.

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