Covid Deaths are Surging. It’s GOP Mass Murder.

The GOP has decided that the best to get power is by tolerating and/or promoting vaccine hesitancy. That makes them complicit in the deaths of thousands of Americans.

And it’s no longer just Trump anymore. He’s created a monster that Republicans, at the very least, don’t want to take on. But they are still to blame:

Trump is nevertheless still killing people:

A Super Spreader event

Republicans are now scapegoating blacks for the Covid crisis in the South. Because it’s all about the racebase:

It isn’t just the GOP but the FOX that have pushed the anti-vaxxer message. Republicans politicians are just trying to capitalize on public sentiment. It’s what they do best: pander to hate and ignorance to keep power:

They will even get themselves sick from Covid before telling their brainwashed constituents the truth. It’s all about the cult. Truth telling is not an option:

Some are fighting back against the GOP mass murder:

The public supports masking up. The GOP, especially in the South, don’t care. They are only interested in pandering to an influential anti-vaxxer few.

Some are just drinking the Koolaid:

Some GOP politicians are even profiting from killing Americans:

It’s a full blown crisis.

Some GOPers have turned to covering up the devastation;

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