Covid Vaccine Hesitancy Connected to Sharp Decline in Promotion Television Ads

Where are the ads? We have a pandemic that is one of worse disasters in our nation’s history. And there are very few commercials telling people to get vaccinated. Instead we hear about how fools and charlatans are spreading conspiracy theories with their neighbors. So it would make sense to have educational ads that include celebrities telling us about the need to get vaccinated and wear a mask. During WWII Hollywood stars sold government bonds to get Americans onboard with fighting the external enemy. We should be doing the same now. This is a war against an enemy of a different type–a virus.

Television ads promoting the vaccine for Covid-19 have been airing on television since it became widely available. But a sharp decline in the TV spots appears to correlate to a persistent group of vaccine-hesitant Americans, or so suggests the reporting by CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen.

Appearing on CNN’s New Day Friday morning, Cohen cited data from iSpot that tracks commercials across the broad spectrum of broadcast and cable television. “With nearly a third of Americans opting not to get vaccinated, you would hope the ads would increase, educating people, letting people know the correct information rather than all the misinformation that’s circulating on social media,” she told Brianna Keilar.

She then unveiled a chart that showed a sharp decline in pro-vaccination television spots from the middle of May. “What they found is that the number of Covid-19 vaccine ads viewed on TV peaked in May and then went down steadily,” she noted. “That decline is really quite dramatic,” she added before noting that TV viewing naturally always goes down in the summer.

“Still, that is a decline right at the time that you don’t want a decline because there are so many people who need to hear this message,” she said, before showing the sorts of ads that resonate best with Republicans and Democrats. Turns out that a spot featuring former presidents touting the benefits of the vaccine resonated very well with Democrats but not Republicans. A FedEx advertisement that showed the nation moving forward, not backward, and getting past the pandemic was a favorite among Republicans, according to research provided to CNN from iSpot.

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