Democrats go on Vacation while Their Voters are Thrown in the Streets and/or Lose their Voting Rights

It’s the same old story. Democrats are too cowardly and inept too stand up for the voters that courageously came in record numbers to give them control of the Congress and the White House. Now when their voters need them the most they are going on vacation. Democrats are leaving town without passing legislation that would prevent millions of Americans from being kicked to the curb. Because the rent moratorium is expiring today. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to impose their fascist and white supremacist agenda on America without fear from Democrats.

The leader of the movement to save the voting rights of Americas is now being led by Reverend William Barber:

Meanwhile in Washington, Cori Bush is leading the fight to keep Americans from losing their beds:

Meanwhile millions stand to kicked to the streets if the moratorium on rents expires today. And Congress is the only way to prevent that. But they are busy planning their vacations. It’s August recess time. Get the Yachts rolling. The people be damned.

At least some members of Congress are not going anywhere. They are doing their jobs and duty.

Many millions could be saved from eviction now if the money allotted to help them were spent. It’s pure incompetence and neglect:

The Biden administration will allow the nationwide eviction moratorium to expire on Saturday following a June Supreme Court decision that limited its ability to keep the ban in place. The moratorium is ending despite the fact that the vast majority of federal rental aid still hasn’t been spent.

In December, Congress appropriated $25 billion of emergency funding to get money to tenants at risk of eviction after falling behind on rent payments. But more than half a year later, just 12 percent of that money has been used, the Washington Post reports. In March, Congress set aside another $21.5 billion to help those renters. Even less of that funding has been distributed.

Unlike the stimulus checks quickly sent out by the federal government, state and local governments were put in charge of distributing the money Congress allocated for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Part of the problem, according to the Post, is that state and local governments were quickly overwhelmed by the number of applications for rent payment assistance they received from renters in distress. More than 6.4 million American households were behind on rent by the end of March, according to government data. Earlier in July, some 3.6 million Americans said they were at risk of being evicted within the next two months.

All Congress has to do is extent the moratorium until the moneys get disbursed. They won’t do that. They don’t care.

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