Harassing NJ Racist Confronted by Community, Arrested After Viral Video

This guy has to be the dumbest racist ever. He harasses his black neighbors then challenges everyone while being recorded. After the video goes viral dozens of people of show up at his house to set him straight. Then gets arrested. But why did it take a video for something to be done about his frequent racist tirades against his neighbor:

A New Jersey man who was caught on video shouting racist insults and harassing his neighbors was arrested twice and charged with several hate crimes, with his second arrest coming as people staged an hourslong protest outside his home.

The man, Edward Cagney Mathews, 45, has been the subject of numerous complaints from his neighbors in his Mount Laurel, N.J., condominium complex, who have accused him of racist harassment, a police spokesman said.

…In the video of the incident, Mr. Mathews turns directly to the camera and gives his exact address, challenging viewers to “come see me” and to “bring whoever.” So on Monday, more than 100 protesters showed up outside his door, videos posted on social media show, and called for him to come out.

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