Former Murdoch Executive: Fox News Is Poison For America

The truth about FOX from someone who knew the network intimately:

A former Fox executive has blasted Fox News, saying that not even the network’s longtime proprietor Rupert Murdoch believes its coverage.

In an op-ed published Sunday by The Daily Beast, Preston Padden, who served as president of network distribution at the Fox Broadcasting Company for seven years, wrote that Fox News is a TV channel “that no reasonable person would believe.”

Murdoch, who isn’t an American despite his U.S. citizenship. He got citizenship because it was required if he wanted to create the FOX Network. His news programming is a formula that sells. He doesn’t give a damn about the people who watch FOX as long as it makes him money. He used the same formula in Australia and Britain for years before coming to America. Murdoch learned early on that right-wing news sells. And that’s what happened in America.

Fox News has caused many millions of Americans—most of them Republicans (as my wife and I were for 50 years)—to believe things that simply are not true. For example, Yahoo News reports that 73 percent of Republicans blame “left-wing protesters” for the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Of course, that is ludicrous. All one has to do is look at the pictures or videos of the attack to see that the violent mob was comprised of Trump supporters. Similarly, a poll by SSRS in late April found that two-thirds of Republicans either believe or suspect that the election was stolen from Trump—60 percent saying there is “hard evidence” that the election was stolen. As noted above, this ridiculous notion has been thoroughly refuted. But millions of Americans believe these falsehoods because they have been drilled into their minds, night after night, by Fox News.

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