More People Are Getting Guns Without FBI Background Checks, Study Says

Should this be happening? And what is Biden doing about it. Gun violence is out of control:

Last year, the United States saw record numbers of gun sales, and it strained the FBI’s background check process, meaning more background checks were left incomplete. If an FBI background check is delayed by more than three business days, gun dealers can legally sell a firearm without a completed background check.

According to FBI data analyzed by Five Thirty-Eight, the bureau ran 12,761,328 background checks in 2020. That’s 50 percent more than in earlier years. And because of the soaring rates of gun sales, the FBI was also unable to complete 316,000 background checks during the first nine months of last year. Five Thirty-Eight also noted that the total of incomplete background checks for last year is certainly higher than that, as gun sales typically spike in the last three months of the year. In October, November, and December 2020 alone, the FBI opened 3.4 million background checks.

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