FOXNews is Now Attacking the Military

For 4 years Donald Trump attacked the U.S. military and our allies. It’s partly because he doesn’t have a patriotic bone in his body. But I believe he was doing it in service of Moscow. But now FOXNews broadcasters have doing much of the same. Why? Is it just because of Trump. Or is because the military stands in the right’s design to create a fascist dictatorship in America? A plan that whats somewhat derailed on January 6th.

Tucker Carlson called the top general, Mark Milley, a pig. This is the same language attributed to the left by the right. After January 6th GOPers, MAGA can no longer accuse the left of being anti-cops. Now they can no longer accuse anyone of being anti-military. They can no longer point a crooked finger at ‘Antifa.’

Then there is Laura Ingraham. She is angry at the military for not supporting her White Supremacist ideology:

Is it just coincidence that Ingraham and Carlson are spewing the Russian partyline?

FOXNews has been at the center of the right-wing insurgence in America. Until they are held accountable things will only get worse. The best way to do that is by boycotting the network. Let’s get started with that and save America.

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