Biden, Democratic Leadership got Played by Senator Manchin

Democrats once again proved what fools they are. This time they fell for a “compromise” voting rights bill that would get support from Republicans in the Senate. The problem is McConnell shot down the proposal. And that was predictable. But because Democrats in Congress are so naive that they are willing to compromise everything on the altar of bipartisanship. Even while Republicans spit in their faces.

In the process they allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking that Manchin can be trusted to do the right thing. What they did was to absolve the West Virginian Senator from being blamed for his opposition to important legislation that would stop Republican disenfranchisement of black voters throughout the country. Manchin was under great pressure to change his stance. Now he is ‘Scott Free’ (pardon the pun).

We know they aren’t going to do anything.

No dummy, Manchin is all about self-preservation. He don’t give a damn about bipartisanship. It’s a ruse.

Activism is the only way. A new civil rights movement is needed.

You got it wrong, guys. Manchin is pretending to be bipartisan so he won’t be blamed when the GOP rejects his ‘noble’ plan to bring voting rights to African-Americans. He’s is hiding behind a compromise bill because he knows it will be rejected. And that’s what he wants. He doesn’t want to offend Trump voters that overwhelming voted for Biden’s predecessor–twice.

And Stacy Abrams was the biggest fool when she came out publicly to support Manchin’s ‘compromise’ bill. That go Manchin off the hook. He won because the pressure is off of him. There is no longer criticism of him for being against ending the filibuster rule, which will completely destroy the Dems agenda. Manchin is to blame just like the GOP. All because he wants appease his Trump-voter base.

It was foolish to believe a deal could be struck with Republicans. Democrats are dupes.

Exactly. This author gets it:

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