Trump Finally Admits He Didn’t Win The Election

Every so often Trump speaks the truth. But he does so without meaning to:

The former POTUS has long argued that he won the November election, and alleged there was electoral fraud that made Joe Biden the victor.

Trump’s claims even sparked audits in some states to recount the votes, but, as it stands, no evidence of fraud has been found.

Prior to the audits, all observers echoed this sentiment and insisted Trump’s claims were baseless.

Just hours before Trump left the White House at the beginning of the year, he was still arguing he’d won the election. However, more than six months later, he appears to have finally conceded.

Speaking on Fox News yesterday, June 16, Trump said:

We didn’t win. We were supposed to win easily, 64 million votes. We got 75 million votes, and we didn’t win, but let’s see what happens on that.

Trump may have admitted he didn’t win, but arguably his ‘let’s see what happens’ comment suggests he has a glimmer of hope that the election results might still be overturned.

Trump Finally Admits He Didn't Win The Election

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