Major newspaper calls for Donald Trump to be criminally prosecuted

He should have been arrested by now. What’s the holdup. What’s the excuse.

A major newspaper’s editorial board called for the prosecution of former president Donald Trump.

The editorial board for the Boston Globe made the case this week for holding Trump criminally accountable for his obstruction of justice, efforts to overturn his election loss in Georgia and inciting an insurrection Jan. 6 aimed at stopping the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral win, arguing that prosecution was the only way to ensure future presidents conducted themselves honorably and lawfully.

“There is only one way left to restore deterrence and convey to future presidents that the rule of law applies to them,” the board argued. “The Justice Department must abandon two centuries of tradition by indicting and prosecuting Donald Trump for his conduct in office.”

The editors agreed the decision to prosecute a former president for crimes committed in office was a heavy responsibility, but they argued that it was necessary to preserve the rule of law — and other democracies had successfully charged former leaders.

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