Leaked white supremacist chatroom messages show they are obsessed with promoting ‘our guy’ Tucker Carlson

Tucker has a lot to explain. Better yet let’s boycott the sponsors of his show:

According to a report from Media Matters, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson has a large fan club in a chatroom dominated by far-right extremists who make up the Identity Evropa movement and they are doing all they can to promote segments from his show.

The report, compiled with leaked comments show Carlson’s nightly commentaries have become “many watches” for the racist group.

According to the report, “On March 6, the nonprofit media organization Unicorn Riot released chat logs from a Discord server reportedly used by members of Identity Evropa, a group attempting to sanitize white supremacy by rebranding its racist beliefs as pro-white ‘identitarianism.’ The chat server’s name, ‘Nice Respectable People Group,’ reflects Identity Evropa’s focus on ‘optics,’ a strategy of intentionally rebranding away from obvious extremism to avoid the negative press that supposedly keeps their ideas from appealing to the mainstream.”

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