Democratic Party Shows how Really Worthless it Is

The failure to pass a minimum wage increase is only the latest example of a Democratic Party that fails to deliver on it’s promises. But we shouldn’t be surprised. They did it in 2009. But this time around people are starting to ask questions. Because it’s Democrats, not Republicans, that are getting in the way:

It’s two Democrats that are behaving like Republicans and preventing the passage of Democratic Party legislation to help our desperate fellow Americans. That is the kind of thing we expect from Republicans.

Here’s the ‘maverick’ applauding Donald Trump at the SOTU while her Democratic colleagues remain seated.

But it wasn’t just Sinema:

But Biden was in on it. He blames some parliamentarian (not the Republicans) for sabotaging the minimum wage defeat:

Meanwhile, the Democratic governor of NY State, Andrew Cuomo, is embroiled in Trumpesque scandals. He engaged in a terrible crime and then covered it up. All the while sexually harassing his employees. The same Democratic Party that decried Trump’s crimes are now silent while Cuomo lies about his complicity:

Not to mention the attempts at intimidation. Which is a crime:

Cuomo said ‘he can destroy me’: NY assemblyman alleges governor threatened him over nursing homes scandal

Despite his monstrous crimes, and some calls for him to resign, Cuomo will stay in office. That’s because the two-party dictatorship is not accountable. Elections have become meaningless. That is why Democrats, like Republicans, will betray us time and time again.

One thought on “Democratic Party Shows how Really Worthless it Is

  1. Corporate dependent donor owned DINOs Manchin and Sinema – censure them. The Q-anon Reputin party had no problem doing so with the only truth teller in that despicable party, daughter of a war criminal! Censure them – then continue the Republithug astrocities and evil disgusting behavior and primary Manchin and this Margie Greene wannabe Sinema, in 2022. All done.


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