Black Woman Attacked by a Racist Pro-Trump Mob in Los Angeles


This shocking event has received very little press coverage:

Photographs from the demonstration, taken by freelance photojournalist Raquel Natalicchio, showed the moments Nibo was attacked by the mob.

“It’s a shame that I can’t walk down my street anymore,” Nibo said.

She said she was walking near the demonstration when she said the pro-Trump demonstrators began harassing her.

“I’m walking by and they’re yelling at me because of my color, calling me the N-word calling me the B-word, saying, ‘All lives matter, Black lives doesn’t matter,’” she said.

She said she yelled back and the crowd began following her, and then it turned violent.

“He goes and smacks me in the face,” Nibo said of one of the demonstrators. “And then all of them start trying to jump me, and then people jump in.”

“When they started pushing her around, this other woman that was a Trump supporter came up to her and ripped her wig off.” Natalicchio said. “Obviously, at that point, she began to try to defend herself.”

Natalicchio said she had to speak out about what she witnessed Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s disgraceful,” she said. “I think it’s disgusting we’re witnessing the very real racism that still lives in our country today.”

Nibo said strangers came to her rescue, including a man with a red beard who was seen holding her in a number of the photos.

“He was whispering in my ear going ‘You’re OK, I got you, I’ve got you, don’t do anything. These people are literally trying to kill you,’” Nibo said.

As she said the man attempted to get her safely away from the crowd, she was pepper sprayed in the face and hit. She credits the man for saving her life.

“If not for him stepping in at that moment, these people would have literally tried to kill me,” she said.

The Los Angeles Police Department Thursday was looking into several physical altercations that erupted in downtown Los Angeles during a pro-Trump rally held Wednesday.

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