Keller residents Demand Accountability for Cop who ordered man Arrested, Pepper Sprayed

And why weren’t these cops fired?

The Keller police chief and mayor assured the community Tuesday night that the arrest of a man who was filming his son’s arrest over a traffic violation was an unacceptable, but isolated, incident.

The arrest and subsequent pepper spraying of Marco Puente gained national attention after the family filed a lawsuit against two Keller officers. The entire incident was video recorded on multiple dash cam and body worn cameras. The Keller police chief apologized for his officers’ behavior two days later and said they were in the wrong, according to a federal lawsuit Puente and his attorneys filed against the officers on Dec. 15.

Officer Blake Shimanek, previously a sergeant with the department, ordered Officer Antik Tomer arrest and pepper spray Puente on Aug. 15 while Puente filmed his son’s arrest. Puente, an emergency electrician who grew up in Keller, was left without medical attention for 15 minutes.

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