Black Doctor Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racism, Mistreatment at Indiana Hospital

Here’s the smoking gun showing how the system treats people of color. If this happened to a doctor you can imagine what is happening to the poor who come down with Covid-19. It is no accident. The lives of blacks in this day and age are still less than that of whites:

After Dr. Moore, 52, complained about her treatment, she received care that she said “adequately treated” her pain. She was eventually sent home, and on Sunday, just more than two weeks after posting the video, Dr. Moore died of complications from Covid-19, said her son, Henry Muhammed.

Dr. Moore’s case has generated outrage and renewed calls to grapple with biased medical treatment of Black patients. Voluminous research suggests that Black patients often receive treatment inferior to their white counterparts, particularly when it comes to relieving pain.

…Dr. Moore tested positive for the coronavirus on Nov. 29 and was admitted to the hospital, according to her Facebook post, which she wrote on Dec. 4. She wrote that she had to beg the physician treating her to give her remdesivir, an antiviral drug some doctors use to treat Covid-19.

…Dr. Moore said she received a scan of her neck and lungs after her doctor denied she was short of breath, despite her telling him she was, and after he told her he could not justify giving her more narcotic painkillers. The scan detected problems — pulmonary infiltrates and new lymphadenopathy, she said — and so she began receiving more opioid pain medication. But she said she was left in pain for hours before a nurse gave her the dose.

Source: NY Times


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