Trump Is Guilty of Sedition and Must Be Brought to Justice

Trump is a traitor. That is no longer debatable. His refusing to blame Russia for the recent cyber attack on America, despite everyone else in his administration saying otherwise, is all the proof you need. But he’s been doing it for 4 years plus now. Starting with his taking help from Putin to win the 2016 election. We must demand the incoming Biden administration do it’s duty and hold Trump accountable:

  • “A sitting president encouraging his violence-prone followers, including groups like the Proud Boys and conspiracists such as Alex Jones, who have pledged to keep Trump in office by whatever means necessary, to rise up against the constitutional process and the peaceful transfer of power.”
  • “If I were a lawyer, I’d say that Trump is building a pretty good sedition case against himself, urging war against the institutions of American democracy and substituting loyalty to the person of Trump for loyalty to the country, the Constitution, and the institutions that he, and all of his government colleagues, have sworn an oath to protect.”


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