Trump ‘appears shrunken’ after loss — and canceled Georgia campaign trip out of spite

Trump’s depression hasn’t kept the conman from continuing to fleece his followers. But once a conman always a conman:

President Donald Trump has raised over $250 million since the 2020 election, but what he will do after his defeat remains up in the air as the president defiantly refuses to accept defeat.

On Friday, The New York Times confirmed the bombshell report that Jared Kushner set up a shell company to divert campaign money to family members.

“For Mr. Trump, the quarter-billion dollars he and the party raised over six weeks is enough to pay off all of his remaining campaign bills and to fund his fruitless legal challenges and still leave tens of millions of dollars,” The Times reported. “Mr. Trump’s plans, however, remain extremely fluid. His refusal to accept Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory has stunted internal political planning, aides say, with some advisers in his shrinking circle of confidantes hesitant to even approach him about setting a course of action for 2021 and beyond.”


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