Retired Admiral and General: No one should place allegiance to a political party before their devotion to our nation

That’s exactly what Trump and his GOP minions have done. They’ve put political self-interest above their loyalty to the constitution. That makes them traitors:

We have devoted our lives to advancing America’s ideals abroad, often in the face of regimes that oppressed their own people — from the Soviet Union to North Korea to Afghanistan and Iraq. We have watched nations in Asia, Africa and Europe look to the United States as a model when holding their own democratic elections and ensuring peaceful transitions of power.

If we refuse to accept the results of this election, it will deliver a lasting victory for the enemies of democracy — and a terrible blow to all those who view America as a beacon of liberty and self-determination.

As retired members of the military, we’ve cast votes from all over the world and know it works, so stop questioning the legitimacy of this election.

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