More than 80% of Pfizer’s vaccine doses have already been bought by world’s richest

The world is owned and controlled by the 1 percent. The 99 percent can go to hell. Globalism destroyed the planet. Now they want to kill off it’s poorest:

Campaigners in the United Kingdom on Wednesday warned that just two days after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer shared positive early results of its coronavirus vaccine trial, mass purchases of the vaccine by the world’s richest countries have left more than 85% of the global population—namely, the world’s poorest—without any way to access it. Pfizer says it can produce 1.35 billion doses of the vaccine, which was shown according to Pfizer’s first formal review to be 90% effective at preventing coronavirus infection in patients who have never had the virus, by the end of 2021. More than one billion of those doses—82% of the supply—have already been purchased by wealthy countries.

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