White Supremacist Street Gangs Are Going to BLM Protests

This is going to get really bad. I will once again repeat. Those on the left need to start arming themselves. The good guys are not armed. The bad guys are:

Among the far-right, it isn’t just Boogaloo types in Hawaiian shirts or men like the armed militia in New Mexico that are showing up to Black Lives Matter protests across the country. Violent white supremacist street gangs are also ominously posting online about their presence in the shadows of protesters clamouring for racial equality.

Two groups similar in organization and ethos to the Rise Above Movement (RAM)—a notoriously violent California-based white supremacist organization that is essentially a racist fight club known for attacking antifascist activists at protests—have been posting photos on Telegram of themselves inside BLM protests or stickering their insignia at locations where marches are taking place. One of the groups, which VICE News will not identify to avoid amplifying their message, has an alleged member who was a participant in neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Base, which has been under an intense FBI crackdown in recent months.


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